You own it, we cover it
Big boy and girl toys: boat, motorcycle, RV, campers, ...

    Motorcycles and ATV's
    These highly specialized vehicles are best covered on their own policies. All homeowners policies and most auto policies EXCLUDE motorcycles and ATV's. Therefore it is important to contact our agency before purchasing one.

    Boat Insurance
    We insure all types of watercraft... from jet-skis to luxury yachts.

    Snowmobile Insurance
    Like automobiles, in Pennsylvania, snowmobiles are now required to have a minimum amount of liability insurance. Also, like an auto, the operator must carry an insurance ID card with them while operating the snowmobile.

    What about SPECIAL events?
    Choose your own coverage level in 3 Easy Steps! Call today and let us help!
    Liability insurance for parties/special events/weddings


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